My Massage Appointments

Massage Appointment & Client Scheduling Software

Giving Massage Therapists the Organization They Need

Teaching Massage School Students to be Well Organized

My Massage Appointments is the simplest, most intuitive massage schedule program there is!   Make your new or existing professional life easy and keep your clients happy by never making a mistake with your appointment scheduling.   In addition, you can check your appointment schedule anytime and anywhere using a smart phone.   Here are some sample screens from My Massage Appointments.

  • Never Double Book Appointments
  • Helpful Color Code Marking
  • Quick Open Schedule Check
  • Handy Client Notation Pad
  • Auto Dial on Smartphones
  • Reschedule Clients with Ease
  • Easy Total Sales Tracking
  • Easy Client Text Reminders
  • Free Trial Periods
  • Cloud Safe Data Storage