My Massage Appointments

Massage Appointment & Client Management Software

Giving Massage Therapists the Organization They Need

Teaching Massage School Students to be Well Organized

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Your Practice Information is Always Available

Your practice client and schedule information is always available. From your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer you can easily access and control your Massage Client and Appointment business information.

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Fast Appointment Booking

Appointments can be booked, changed or rebooked with ease.     Easily check your schedule using a Monthly Overview before you schedule an appointment.   In addition, My Massage Appointments is programed to flag scheduling conflicts immediately.  

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Easy Client Reminders with Automated Appointment Reminders by Email

or Text Messaging

Reduce no shows and late arrivals by easily sending reminders to your clients by email or text messaging or both.   Just press a button and the reminder is sent.

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Monthly Income and Hours Worked Summation

My Massage Appointments calculates month-to-date income and month-to-date massage hours worked and presents it in a table with year-to-date totals.   It also gives your average income per massage hour worked for the month.

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Monthly Income and Hours Worked Summation, Trend Analysis & Efficiency Ratio

My Massage Appointments calculates monthly total income and monthly total massage hours worked.   Data is presented using a bar graph for easy trend analysis and a separate data table of actual monthly and yearly totals for bookkeeping and taxes purposes.   Also included is your average income per hour for the month.

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Fast Recurring Appointments Scheduling

Appointments can be booked, changed or rebooked with ease.   Repeat appointments can be booked with different intervals and as far into the future as you wish.   My Massage Appointments is programmed to flag scheduling conflicts immediately. Appointment reminders can be sent using text messaging and email.   Easily check your schedule before you set an appointment.  

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$96 per Year

For just $8 per month My Massage Appointments keeps your appointments organized and allows you to expand your business by sending promotions to current and potential clients or both. Using My Massage Appointments gives your practice an ambiance of professionalism. Using your smartphone or tablet you are always ready to book an appointment.

Summer Special

Fully satisfied with your free trial? Purchase a membership before September 15th and receive an additional 3 months FREE. That's a total of 15 months membership for $96.